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SEO Article Templates for
Bed and Breakfasts and Other Lodging Destination

Get your lodging website out of the SEO graveyard and into the the light of day. These SEO Article Templates are written specifically to help B&Bs and other lodging companies dominate Google and other search engines in your local area.

You’ll receive 7 proven articles jam-packed with ranking goodness in an editable Google Doc. Simply add these templates to your Google Drive (or download them for your favorite text editor), and you’re ready to crank out article after article of SEO-rich content.

No more writer’s block. No more watching your competitors eat up the clicks from Google. No more wondering how to keep up.

You’re in charge, and you now have the tools proven to help you rank as close to the top as possible. We’ve tested these templates on our own clients with huge success, and want you to succeed as well.

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Boost your website’s search engine optimization. We’ll get your content keyword-rich without sacrificing your user experience, and we’ll make sure the behind-the-scenes information makes it easy for search engine spiders to find your website quickly.

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Building on the initial SEO foundation, you’ll need to keep in Google’s favor by posting fresh, engaging content based around the keywords your prospects are using to make informed purchasing decisions. We’ll help you identify those terms – and create the content for you.

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