Google My Business Is Important for SEO

Moz Data Google My Business Importance
Pay attention local business owners: Google My Business could give you a huge SEO advantage over bigger stores!

Yes, Google My Business is very important for Local SEO.

According to a MOZ report, Google My Business signals make up over 25% of your overall local search pack ranking signals.

Moz Data Google My Business Importance

Basically,  if you’re doing what Google asks of you in their business management tool, you have a huge opportunity to rank higher than most of your competition.

I can’t guarantee this, but I am confident that you can beat your competition to the game! Based on my experience working with my own businesses alongside many of my clients, I know that most local businesses don’t even think about their Google Local listing as part of their overall marketing plan.

Thankfully, you're going to be smart and make Google My Business a major part of your SEO plan, right?

If you’re wise, you’ll want to get on the platform relatively soon.

But before you make the leap, here are 5 tips you should know about Google My Business that will help your listing stand out (Hint: #5 gets you leads):

  1. Make sure you list your business as close as possible to Google’s suggested categories.
    Google’s My Business categories aren’t perfect, and you may end up confused about what industry/category you should pick. Don’t over think it – just pick the one that represents your business the best.

  2. Utilize your main keywords in the description for your business listing.
    This seems obvious but I see people miss this all the time. You want Google to associate your brand with specific keywords – so use them in the description!

  3. Ensure your listing matches your other social channels.
    Google wants your business listing to be accurate. If they see that your description is completely different on, say, Facebook, they aren’t going to put as much trust in you. But if your brand uses the same description across all social channels, your listing starts to stand out. Give Google what they want and they’ll reward you.

  4. Get professional photography for your company.
    One of the awesome features about GMB is that you can – and should – post images relating to your business, especially if you have a storefront. Google will show these images in maps and other prominent areas, and quality definitely matters. So stand out from the get-go and hire a professional to get great photos of your business!

    Pro tip: Have the photographer take photos of your staff at work, interacting with customers, and your most popular products. This will all help in the next step.

  5. Most Important for Getting Leads: Post at least once a week.
    OK – I admittedly saved the best for last! Once your initial setup is complete, you will want to post an update at least once a week. Google likes to see that you are actively using their platform. Based on my own results when working with local businesses, I can confirm that your interaction is significantly better when you’re posting regularly. Although I am not permitted to share specifics, I have seen a direct correlation between frequent posting and getting regular leads from Google. This should get you excited to get on and try it out!

You can have a huge advantage over bigger businesses.

Most bigger corporations don’t dedicate the time to get into the nitty-gritty of posting to their GMB location pages regularly. Heck, they don’t even try and get reviews regularly, and when they do, they don’t have as much of a personal connection as you probably do with your customers.

You, on the other hand, have the tools to make it happen. You can take advantage of the tips above and help your business stand above. If you’re just utilizing these free tools that Google provides (and WANTS you to be using), they will reward you.

It doesn’t take too much to get this right. So will you commit to creating your Google listing and keeping it updated regularly?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Listen – we are here for you and we are on your side! If you need help implementing any of this, you’re covered. We offer Google My Business optimization and account creation to get you set up for search domination.

This is worth doing. It’s even better knowing you’re doing it right. Let us help!

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