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Marketing Strategy Case Study: Join In Jackson

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I just received one of my favorite types of messages this morning – this guy just landed a $1,500.00 client and netted $1,000 more than expected just by using this simple marketing strategy.

So – I decided to make a quick marketing strategy case study video about it. Check it out:

Condensed video content:

My friend just landed a $1,500 client, which is obviously a huge blessing right now (we’re currently living through COVID-19, afterall), which is $1,000 MORE than he would have received had he NOT implemented this really simple marketing strategy.

Just check out this message that he just sent me this morning:

Matt's message


Isn’t that just awesome?

Here’s why this marketing strategy worked and how you can benefit:

1) We created a tiered marketing strategy for his Partner Program.

Matt initially only had one level in his partnership program, which had a price point of less than $500.

It was a great start, but at a $500 price point he would miss out on two additional markets: the people who would be willing to join the program but can’t quite afford a $500 price point, and people who would be willing to spend far more than $500 to be a part of the program.

We added a tier for the lower-budget and a “stretch” tier for higher-budget businesses to increase chances for success. If nobody bought the stretch tier, no problem.

But if it didn’t exist, NOBODY would have bought it.

Thankfully Matt got it included, and the very first client into the new program took advantage of the stretch tier! How exciting is that?!

Essentially – it is important to provide an offer that seems like a stretch (to you), because someone will eventually take you up on that offer — if it’s available!

2) People are still buying – even at high price points!

Listen – I know COVID-19 has us all a bit apprehensive, but people are still spending on things that keep their businesses running… so DON’T STOP MARKETING during this time!

Even if you have to innovate a bit, this is an important time for you to ensure the pieces are in place to make money for your business.

People actually have more time on their hands right now. Many are forced to work at home, which tends to actually improve productivity and increase time for trying new things.

Make sure people can still find you. Make sure you’re putting in the effort right now so that you can come out of this thriving.

Be bold. Be brave. Go create change that matters!

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