Set up Google My Business Listings to Dominate Local Search

Set Up Google My Business Listing to Dominate Search
Set up your Google My Business listing to get noticed in Local Search - and dominate your SEO efforts. Bonus: See what "features" to avoid!

What is a Google My Business Listing and what’s so good about it?

If you’re launching a business or helping a client start theirs, be sure to set up a Google My Business profile ASAP! Without it, you won’t be able to compete in local search. 

Google My Business (GMB) is a business listing tool that allows your company’s profile (including your name and logo, reviews, images, address, phone number, and more) to appear on Google… often right at the top of the page in a local search! 

GMB listings provide literally everything you need for a potential customer to find your business, use your services, leave reviews or contact you directly. 

Once you’ve created a Google local listing by setting up a GMB profile, you can respond to customer reviews and messages, add images, and so much more to ultimately help your business stand out in local search.

Set Up Your Google My Business Listing: A step-by-step guide

1. Go to and click "Manage Now"

Be sure to set up a new Google account if you haven’t done so already.

Google My Business Home Page Screenshot

2. Enter Your Business Name

Set Up Google My Business Listing Step 1: Business Name Screenshot

3. Enter Your Business' Address

Ignore this step if this is not where your business engages face-to-face with customers. Also, pay attention to the box located at the bottom—check it if you’re a service area business that delivers goods and services to your customers. If not, check the ‘Hide my address (it’s not a store)’ box below it and ignore step 6.

Set Up Google My Business Listing Step 2: Pick Location Screenshot

4. Specify the Areas Your Business Serves

Note: This applies to service-area businesses only

Tip: You can enter one or more regions or cities your business serves. As a marketing company in Ohio, we listed several areas close to us, so people searching in those areas know they have a local option for their marketing needs. Even though we can service customers in any area, this helps people in Ohio find us faster.

Set Up Google My Business Listing Step 4: Set Service Areas Screenshot

5. Select Your Google My Business Category

This is an important field that will not only impact the search terms you appear for in Google but will also show up on your GMB profile! Make sure you do research on competitors beforehand to see what their business falls under and really think about which category most accurately fits your business.

Set Up Google My Business Listing Step 5: Select Business Category

6. Add Your Business Phone Number and Website URL

Set Up Google My Business Listing Step 6: Contact Details

7. Finish by Completing Your GMB Verification

Click the ‘Finish’ button and then complete either a postcard (most used), phone, or email verification. Then, you’re all set!

Set Up Google My Business Listing Step 7: Finish and Verify Screenshot

What's next? Here are some tips for successfully using Google My Business

  1. First and foremost, write up a steller and captivating business description.

    Note: We can help!


  2. Add photos to your Google My Business listing! Include images of your business’ exterior and interior as well as headshots and photos of your team. Visual elements are key to customer engagement.

    Note: We can help!


  3. Start posting regularly. In fact, we recommend posting at least once a week!

    Note: We can help!


  4. GMB is a core element of local SEO, so it’s important for your business’ information (listing data) to always be up-to-date and accurate

    Note: We can help!


  5. Focus on the ‘What’s New’ area. Add snippets from new blog articles and upload photos from fun activities (you can put up to 10 photos in any given post). Don’t sweat about the content – keep it short and sweet!

    Note: We can help!


  6. Download the GMB app on your phone so you can receive messages from potential clients right away. For some odd reason, you can only receive messages through the GMB app and not on a web browser—what the heck, Google?!

    Note: You’re on your own here – we can’t help this time 🙂


  7. List the local directories you have available and make sure they match other business listings you may have elsewhere (like Yelp, Facebook, or Foursquare).

    Continuity is important because Google sees you as more legitimate if your listings match across the web.

    Note: We can help!

Bonus: Google My Business - Things to Avoid

1. Avoid Setting Up a Website Through Google My Business

Trust me—it’ll save you lots of time and frustration.  In fact, it’s not as good for SEO… even though Google’s providing it! Good job, Google.

2. Avoid Putting Products on GMB Right Away

This can be confusing to set up for most people, so just focus on getting yourself in the system first and worry about listing your products later.

GMB ads give you no control and you end up wasting a bunch of money and you can’t upgrade to the more powerful Google Ads platform.

Need Help? Download the Google My Business Set Up Infographic

Hey – we’re not going to leave you hanging here!

We put together this stellar infographic as a quick guide to help you remember how to set up a winning Google My Business listing.

Check it out, share it, and be sure to tag us when you do!

* Note: full-sized graphic will open when you click on the smaller image. Thanks!


The bottom line is: GMB is an extremely valuable resource and tool that helps your overall rankings, but you do need to take action to make it really stand out.

Once set up correctly, your Google My Business listing will get you more exposure the more you interact with the platform. Your competition will be left scratching their heads when you’re showing up all over search.

If you need help, we’re here for you! We set up Google My Business listings and offer optimization services to give you an upper hand. Give us a shout!

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